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Underground Museum (Museonder)

The Netherlands

Design, Production and Installation.

  • Animated dung beetle and ant lion larvae models
  • Dioramas depicting breeding, hiding and hibernating animals
  • Eresus niger model
  • Sand core and drill core
  • Five stages of acorn development, five times life sized
  • Forest mite model

  • Exhibit overview
    Exhibit overview
  • Eresus niger detail
    Eresus niger detail
  • Fox nest diorama
    Fox nest diorama
  • Burrowing Owl diorama
    Burrowing Owl diorama
  • Drilled core model and dioramas
    Drilled core model and dioramas
  • Large acorn model
    Large acorn model
  • Exploring the museum
    Exploring the museum
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