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San Francisco Giants AT&T Park

San Francisco, California

A variety of features were designed and produced for the Coca-Cola Fan Lot at AT&T Park by Scientific Art Studio in collaboration with The Floating Company. The most notable of these is the world’s largest baseball glove. It’s a replica of a vintage fourfingered glove from 1927.

  • The Giant Mitt
  • The Little Giants mini ball park
  • Coca-Cola bottle telescopes
  • Autograph rubbing plaques
  • Commemorative sidewalk plaques
  • The Splash Zone sign

  • Concept rendering and detail
    Concept rendering and detail
  • Little Giants mini ball park
    Little Giants mini ball park
  • World's largest baseball glove
    World's largest baseball glove
  • Coca-Cola bottle telescopes
    Coca-Cola bottle telescopes
  • Barry Bonds' plaque
    Barry Bonds' plaque
  • Jason Schmidt's plaque
    Jason Schmidt's plaque
  • Levi pocket Splash Zone sculpture
    Levi pocket Splash Zone sculpture
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