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Peralta Hacienda

Oakland, California

Fabrication ⁄ installation of objects and original art for the outdoor and indoor exhibits.

  • Several cast metal ground plaques
  • Historic artifact re-creations

  • Historic mural and alcoves
    Historic mural and alcoves
  • Rancho era alcove
    Rancho era alcove
  • Violin artifact
    Violin artifact
  • Owl detail
    Owl detail
  • Roping and branding re-creations
    Roping and branding re-creations
  • Native basketry re-creations
    Native basketry re-creations
  • Saddle re-creation
    Saddle re-creation
  • Peralta Sword re-creation
    Peralta Sword re-creation
  • Typical cast metal ground plaque
    Typical cast metal ground plaque
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