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Scientific Art Studio, Inc.

About the Company

Scientific Art Studio is a multi faceted design and fabrication facility housed in a large complex of well equipped shops and studios located in Richmond, California.
For nearly 30 years years we have worked with a broad range clients and produced a wide variety of unique and successful artistic creations.
Our staff include artists and skilled crafts people with experience in every material and technique imaginable.

Scientific Art Studio is led by Ron Holthuysen, Founder and Creative Director.
Ron has succeeded in combining his interest in Natural History, Science, Photography, Art, Film, History, Paleontology, Geology, and Engineering into a vibrant and inspiring business.

His education in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Business Management forms a support for our team.

Maren Van Duyn is the Vice President of Scientific Art Studio inc.
She leads the mural and painting department.
Maren worked on projects around the world.

SAS shop facilities
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