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Atlantis Casino Resort

The Bahamas

Assorted imaginary artifacts fashioned of metal, wood, glass, ceramics and leather. Selected bass-relief ceramic sculptures and wall fresco murals.

Design by Olio.

  • Rotating Key
    Rotating Key
  • Hook
  • Atlantian Submarine Launchers
    Atlantian Submarine Launchers
  • Atlantian Divesuit Hangers
    Atlantian Divesuit Hangers
  • Atlantian Laboratory Jar
    Atlantian Laboratory Jar
  • Atlantian Submarine Lantern
    Atlantian Submarine Lantern
  • Atlantian Air Bladders
    Atlantian Air Bladders
  • Hallway mural
    Hallway mural
  • Lobster plaque
    Lobster plaque
  • Sun plaque
    Sun plaque
  • Ceiling mural
    Ceiling mural
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